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YEDEK Product Application Areas

As the user of the power quality and reactive power lack of knowledge and harm, and therefore linked to my company. Power quality difference caused by electrical equipment failure or can not work properly voltage, current or frequency deviation ...

Zhejiang Yide Technology Co., Ltd. Ching Ming Festival holiday noticeZhejiang Yide Technology Co., Ltd. Ching Ming Festival holiday notice

April 5, 2018 (Thursday) - April 6, 2018 (Friday) holiday for two days, April 6 (Friday) work hours adjusted to April 8 (Sunday), April 8 (Sunday) normal Going to work...

  • 272018-2

    The 18th China Electrical Appliances Culture Festival-Zhejiang Yide Technology Co., Ltd.

    Abstract: The 18th China Electrical Appliances Culture Festival will further enhance the comprehensive competitiveness of the electrical industry with the theme of “new era, new mission, new ideas and new journey” to cope with the difficulties and challenges brought about by the global economic weakness; , the industry's "two-in-one" integration, the latest achievements of enterprise self-innovation; promote technological innovation, publicize corporate brands, and promote e-commerce exchanges...

  • 72018-2

    Zhejiang Yide Technology Co., Ltd. Spring Festival holiday notice

    The Spring Festival in 2018 is near. According to the "Notice of the General Office of the State Council on the Arrangement of Some Holidays in 2018", the 2018 Spring Festival holiday is now notified as follows: 1. Administration, technology, and marketing system (General Manager, Technology R&D Department, Finance Department, Administrative Personnel Department, Marketing Center) will work normally on Sunday, February 11, 2018, February 15, 2018 (Thursday)-2018 On February 21 (Wednesday), the holiday is 7 days. 2, production system (quality assurance department, operation department, storage and transportation department) February 8, 2018 (Thursday) - February 21, 2018 (Wednesday) holiday for 14 days. 3. Formally go to work on February 22 (Thursday). The inconvenience caused by this, please understand with all partners! Finally, I sincerely wish everyone a safe and peaceful Spring Festival! Contact number during holiday       Business support: 18958779593 Miss Sun Technical support: 18968809633 Zhanggong

  • 262017-12

    Zhejiang Yide Technology Co., Ltd. New Year's Day holiday notice

    Summary: Dear colleagues, departments:         New Year's Day is coming in 2018. According to the "Notice of the General Office of the State Council on the Arrangement of Some Holidays in 2018", the 2018 New Year's Day holiday is now notified as follows: Holiday on January 1, 2018 (Monday), closed on December 31, 2017 (Sunday) for 2 days...

Influence of working environment of reactive power compensation deviceInfluence of working environment of reactive power compensation device

This mainly refers to the influence of external factors such as temperature, humidity, rain, dust, and small animals. There are three types of reactive power compensation devices installed, namely, the compensation cabinet in the power distribution room, the compensation device for the box type, and the on-column compensation box for the common distribution of the line. The former two can be regarded as the indoor installation form, and the on-column compensation box of the common distribution is an outdoor installation form, and its working environment is the worst...

  • 292018-4

    Automation level and reliability of reactive power compensation devices

    The early reactive power compensation capacitors have a low degree of automation, and it is not possible to judge the changes of the grid operating parameters. It is necessary for the operating personnel to perform the switching operation during the operation. When the frequency of network changes is high, the operation is more frequent, and the operating personnel will feel the difficulty and increase the workload. With the rapid development of computer technology...

  • 82018-4

    What is the difference between a static reactive compensation controller and a dynamic reactive compensation controller?

    Static compensation is only a fixed (in order) capacitance according to the power factor, and the dynamic compensation is based on the difference in power factor and the selected switching capacitance is incorrect. The reactive power compensator is a kind of compensation device. The role played by the electronic power supply system is to improve the power factor of the power grid and reduce the loss of the power supply transformer and the transmission line...

  • 72018-4

    Power capacitor installation precautions

    1. When installing the capacitor, it is better to use a separate flexible wire to connect the busbar to each bus. Do not use a hard busbar connection to prevent damage to the capacitor casing caused by assembly stress and damage the oil leakage caused by the seal. 2. Any bad contact in the capacitor circuit may lead to...

Congratulations on the company's products passed 2 million switching testsCongratulations on the company's products passed 2 million switching tests

Congratulations on the company's products passed 2 million switching tests

  • 62017-6

    Cause of damage

    Abstract: As power capacitors are put into operation more and more, but poor management and other technical reasons often lead to damage to power capacitors and explosion. There are several reasons for this: breakdown of internal components of the capacitor; damage to the insulation of the capacitor; poor sealing and oil leakage; explosion of the capacitor caused by charge closing...

  • 62017-6

    What is the “One Belt, One Road” eco-environmental protection?

    Abstract: There are many opportunities for enterprises in the field of eco-environment protection in the Belt and Road. The "Planning" proposes that the role of corporate environmental governance should be brought into play to guide enterprises to develop and use low-carbon, energy-saving and environmentally-friendly materials and technologies, promote recycling, and reduce the generation and emission of pollutants in production, service and product use. .....

  • 62017-6

    The power of the national network on the “Belt and Road”: the world is getting smaller, the new realm of energy interconnection

    Abstract: State Grid Corporation regards the countries along the Belt and Road as the focus of overseas business development, and fully blooms in Asia, Europe, Africa, America, and Oceania, giving full play to the advantages of enterprises and vigorously promoting international development. Technology, equipment, standards, talents, and culture are all Going out and achieving fruitful results...

Is dynamic compensation an active filter? Is passive filtering an anti-harmonic product?

Dynamic compensation refers to reactive power compensation products with a response time of 20ms. Active filtering APF uses a semiconductor circuit to implement the filtering function; passive filtering is achieved by reactance and capacitor resonance point configuration, and anti-harmonic refers to suppression. Wave, prevent compensation capacitor overload. Therefore, the functions implemented by the above products are different.

Product common troubleshooting - communication

In order to facilitate customers to solve some problems in the use of our products, this document is specially organized. It mainly provides corresponding solutions and disposal methods for some problems frequently encountered in the field use of our products.