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YDX series anti-harmonic smart capacitor (single circuit)

YDX series anti-harmonics
Smart capacitor (single loop)
Application field

The products are mainly used in chemical, building materials, paper, textile, coal, electric power, telecommunications, aluminum, shipping ports, tobacco, brewing, automobile manufacturing, precision electronics, precision machinery and other fields of work.

At the same time, it can also be applied to the power system of the communication industry, the securities trading power supply system, the airport port backup power system, the large medical system, various UPS generator sets, exhibition venues, commercial office buildings and other commercial power systems. E.g:

High-rise building


Product parameters

Environmental conditions
Ambient temperature -40~40°C
Relative humidity: 40 ° C, 20% ~ 90%
Altitude: ≤2000m
Measurement error
Voltage: ≤0.5% (within 80~120% of rated voltage range)
Current: ≤1%
Temperature: ±1 °C
Electrical Safety
Clearance and creepage distance, insulation strength, safety protection, short-circuit strength, and control and control circuit protection are in accordance with the corresponding provisions of the Chinese People's Republic of China Power Industry Standard DL/T842-2003 "Use conditions for low-voltage shunt capacitor devices"
Reliability parameter
Control accuracy: 100%
Control allowable times: 2 million times
Capacitance capacity running time decay rate: ≤1%/year
Capacitor capacity switching attenuation rate: ≤0.1%/10,000 times
Annual failure rate: ≤0.1%
Reactive power compensation parameter

Investment response time: >100ms
Reactive capacity: single circuit ≤ 50kvar (three phase), ≤ 30kvar (phase separation); double circuit ≤ 60kvar (three phase), ≤ 40kvar (phase separation)
Online: ≤ 30 units
Product number

Anti-harmonic low-voltage intelligent power capacitor

Example 1: YDXS7-40, which represents a common three-phase common anti-harmonic smart capacitor. The capacity is 40kvar, the rated voltage is 480V, and the internal string is 7% reactor.
YDXS7-30, 30-XX, express special three-phase common supplement harmonic intelligent capacitor, the total capacity is 60Kvar, the first group capacity is 30Kvar, the second capacity is 30Kvar, the rated voltage is 480V, the internal string 7% reactor .
Example 2: YDXF7-30, which means the common type of compensation compensation Kang harmonic intelligent power capacitor, the capacity is 30kvar, YDXF14-30-XX, which means the special phase-separated anti-harmonic smart capacitor, the capacity is 30kvar, the rated voltage is 300V, Internal string 14% reactor.

Product working principle

Working principle of the whole machine

The product consists of intelligent components, zero-switching switch, current sampling, temperature sampling, dry series reactor and low-voltage filter power capacitor.

Product Size

Weight: 35kg (40Kvar) fixed installation dimensions

Note: Different specifications have different quality, the same dimensions, fixed hole spacing, and fixed hole size.

Solution configuration

Note: The maximum compensation capacity of 1200mmX600mm wide reactive power compensation cabinet: 400kvar; the number of installed machines: ≤10 units.

The maximum compensation capacity of 1000mmX600mm wide reactive power compensation cabinet: 320kvar; the number of installed machines: ≤8 sets.

Product wiring diagram

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