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Product common troubleshooting - communication

In order to facilitate customers to solve some problems in the use of our products, this document is specially organized. It mainly provides corresponding solutions and disposal methods for some problems frequently encountered in the field use of our products.

Is dynamic compensation an active filter? Is passive filtering an anti-harmonic product?

Dynamic compensation refers to reactive power compensation products with a response time of 20ms. Active filtering APF uses a semiconductor circuit to implement the filtering function; passive filtering is achieved by reactance and capacitor resonance point configuration, and anti-harmonic refers to suppression. Wave, prevent compensation capacitor overload. Therefore, the functions implemented by the above products are different.

Comprehensive question - the way ordinary capacitors and anti-harmonics are packaged?

The carton for packaging capacitors is packed in wooden boxes for anti-harmonics.

General question - do our products have 3C-CQC certification?

All products of our company have 3C and CQC certification

Comprehensive question - what is the response time of our controller and capacitor?

9 series, adjustable from 5-180 seconds, adjustable from 8 series 1-180 seconds.

Comprehensive question - Is the product's voltage rating applicable?

Civil general lighting households: 380V/220V voltage level

Smart Capacitor Problems - Advantages and Disadvantages of Synchronous Switches and SCR Composite Switches and Pure Thyristor Switching Switches?

The synchronous switch has a great advantage in terms of service life and maximum switching capability with respect to the composite switch. The advantage of a synchronous switch over a pure thyristor switch is its low cost. The advantage of pure thyristor is that it can be switched very quickly (20~100ms)

Smart Capacitor Problem -8D Series Product Advantages?

The compensation system has fewer components, small size, simple structure and flexible capacity configuration, and is more suitable for use in small cabinets such as JP cabinets.

Smart Capacitor - What type of switching switch is used in our smart capacitors?

"Synchronous switch" ("new composite switch" on the certificate) and "composite switch" products, and they all hold the corresponding CCC certificate and type test report, customers can choose according to their needs.

Comprehensive question - In which industry projects has Yide's capacitors been successful?

Forging industry, dock, paper industry, cement industry, petrochemical industry, residential housing, machinery processing and other industries, reliable operation for more than 3 years. The 110V~690V grid can be customized.