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Is dynamic compensation an active filter? Is passive filtering an anti-harmonic product?

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APF, dynamic Is dynamic compensation an active filter? Is passive filtering an anti-harmonic product?

Dynamic compensation refers to reactive power compensation products with a response time of 20ms. Active filtering APF uses a semiconductor circuit to implement the filtering function; passive filtering is achieved by reactance and capacitor resonance point configuration, and anti-harmonic refers to suppression. Wave, prevent compensation capacitor overload. Therefore, the functions implemented by the above products are different.

What is the use of I series controller terminal 15 and 16, is it an alternate communication wiring?
15~16 pin communication interface is connected to the host computer communication port
The COS on the YD-8CZT has a red light and a green light, indicating what
The red light indicates the lead and the green light indicates the lag.
Why are controllers divided into 8 series, 9 series and JKG?
Our company's control is compatible with our company's smart capacitors, and the series is designed to meet the needs of different customers.
Can our controller communicate with the host computer or TTU?
Our 8CK, 9CK series controllers have the function of communication with the host computer, and try to comply with the company's communication protocol. The protocol converter can communicate with the TTU (MODBUS protocol)
Smart capacitor Sub-total and total compensation A total of priority compensation, sub-compensation optimization - first investment to complement, until one or two phases reach the target value, the other does not reach the target value, the input complements the corresponding phase capacitor.
Smart capacitor What type of switching switch is used by our company's smart capacitors? "Synchronous switch" ("new composite switch" on the certificate) and "composite switch" products, and they all hold the corresponding CCC certificate and type test report, customers can choose according to their needs.
Smart capacitor The difference between 8C and CM 8C and 8CSM have the same basic functions, and the CM is smaller in size, but the 8C material is better.
Smart capacitor What are the advantages of the 8D series? The compensation system has fewer components, small size, simple structure and flexible capacity configuration, and is more suitable for use in small cabinets such as JP cabinets.
Smart capacitor What is the temperature and altitude range of the product? Environmental requirements for conventional products: Altitude: ≤2000M, Ambient temperature: -40~50°C, other environmental requirements are non-standard products. When ordering, please indicate and confirm the delivery date.
Smart capacitor What are the filling materials for power capacitors? 1. Inflation: mainly heavy gas such as N gas or SF6. Disadvantages: The airtightness is difficult to control, the quality of imported products is good, the domestic products are generally not available, and the price is high. Advantages: There will be no fire on the line. 2. Black plastic: The filler is modified asphalt or epoxy resin. Disadvantages: heat dissipation is not good. Advantages: no leakage during the use, no fire on the line, etc. 3. Microcrystalline wax: filled with microcrystalline wax or Vaseline, often referred to as semi-dry type, solid at room temperature and liquid at high temperature. Disadvantages: Easy to leak during on-site operation, explosions and fires in extreme cases. Advantages: lower cost and better heat dissipation. 4, oil immersion: the filling is rapeseed oil, castor oil and so on. Disadvantages: It is more likely to leak during production and operation. In extreme cases, explosions and fires may occur. Advantages: low cost and good heat dissipation.
Smart capacitor Advantages and disadvantages of synchronous switches and thyristor composite switches and pure thyristor switching switches. The synchronous switch has a great advantage in terms of service life and maximum switching capability with respect to the composite switch. The advantage of a synchronous switch over a pure thyristor switch is its low cost. The advantage of pure thyristor is that it can be switched very quickly (20~100ms)
Comprehensive What are the advantages of our products compared to other company products? Zero-crossing switching, no inrush current, longer switching life. AC sampling technology, high sampling accuracy
Comprehensive Ordinary capacitors and anti-harmonic packaging? The carton for packaging capacitors is packed in wooden boxes for anti-harmonics.
Comprehensive Do our products have 3C-CQC certification? All products of our company have 3C and CQC certification.
Comprehensive What is the response time of our controller and capacitor? 9 series, adjustable from 5-180 seconds, adjustable from 8 series 1-180 seconds.
Comprehensive Ede's products are suitable for voltage levels Civil general lighting households: 380V/220V voltage level
Comprehensive In many industry projects, Yide's capacitors have had successful cases.
Forging industry, dock, paper industry, cement industry, petrochemical industry, residential housing, machinery processing and other industries, reliable operation for more than 3 years. The 110V~690V grid can be customized.
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