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Automation level and reliability of reactive power compensation devices

Datetime: 2018-04-29    Visit: 6704


 The level of automation of reactive power compensation devices

The early reactive power compensation capacitors have a low degree of automation, and it is not possible to judge the changes of the grid operating parameters. It is necessary for the operating personnel to perform the switching operation during the operation. When the frequency of network changes is high, the operation is more frequent, and the operating personnel will feel the difficulty and increase the workload. With the rapid development of computer technology, the current reactive power compensation device successfully adopts the microcomputer module to carry out the operation management of the device. The degree of automation is relatively high, and the change of the power grid parameters can be judged in time, and the reasonable automatic switching is performed without increasing the operation. The workload of the personnel, the level of automation has reached the requirements of the grid operation.

2. Reliability of reactive power compensation device

The technical performance and reliability of the early reactive power compensation device can not meet the operational requirements. The current products have been improved and improved. The operation of the product can reflect this problem. At present, many products put into operation in Xuzhou area in 2000 are still in operation. Safe operation, operating life has been more than 8 years.

The reliability of reactive power compensation device is also a problem that manufacturers pay more attention to. The current reactive power compensation device has been improved by many technical measures. Now take 10kV and 400V reactive power compensation device as an example, starting from the following three factors. analysis.

3. The impact of abnormal power quality

For power quality anomalies such as overvoltage, harmonics, voltage flicker, waveform distortion and other disturbance factors, the current products have also taken protective measures, such as basically installed monitoring devices, these factors can be monitored; Voltage protection measures and measures to suppress harmonics, flicker, and waveform distortion. Just because the electronic circuit components are resistant to overvoltage and voltage abrupt change, it is necessary to take protection and isolation measures at the power supply end and signal input and output terminals of the electronic circuit. It is recommended that the manufacturer and related users pay attention.