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YDK-AVR low voltage line automatic voltage regulator

YDK-AVR low voltage line automatic voltage regulator

YDK series AVR (Auto Voltage Regulator) is a product developed by Zhejiang Yide Technology Co., Ltd. for the site where the power supply terminal voltage is low due to long power supply radius and large load variation. The product can effectively solve the problem of low voltage at the end of the distribution network, ensure normal power supply, low investment cost, fast compensation speed and good effect.

Application field

Product model and size

Product parameters

Input frequency range: 45Hz~55Hz
Power supply phase number: single phase or three phase
Rated output voltage: two-phase voltage regulation, 220±2%~220±50%; 230±2%~230±50% can be set through the panel
Voltage regulation gear: 8 steps of boost, 8 steps of buck, 5V per block
Switching time per gear: <0.5s (switching too long and uninterruptible power, ie the power loss time is 0)
Voltage regulation accuracy: 5V
Operation mode: automatic pressure regulation operation mode + bypass operation mode + reactive power compensation (optional)
Control mode: tracking output voltage, dynamically adjusting compensation voltage, automatic operation
Monitoring mode: comes with LCD, standard WiFi
Communication interface mode: GPRS public network unlimited communication (optional)
Relative humidity: 5%~95%, no condensation
Working temperature: -10~+40°C
LVR storage and transportation temperature: -20~+70°C
Altitude: ≤2000m
Protection level: IP33

Shell material: outdoor shell, surface electrostatic spray treatment
Cooling method: natural cooling + temperature controlled forced air cooling
Installation method: outdoor (rod mounting on the pole, wall bracket installation, platform floor installation)

Overcurrent protection

When the output current exceeds the overcurrent set point in the AVR automatic mode, it will automatically switch to the bypass state. After 5 minutes less than the overcurrent point, it will switch back to the automatic state. This process will not be powered off.

Temperature protection

When the temperature of the AVR transformer exceeds the temperature set point, it will automatically switch to the bypass state. When the temperature is lower than the threshold, it will switch back to the automatic state. This process will not be powered off.

Instantaneous overvoltage protection

Using lightning arrester to achieve lightning over-voltage and over-voltage protection

Short circuit protection

When the AVR is short-circuited, it will automatically cut to the bypass and power down for 300ms.

Product working principle

The YDK-AVR device is connected in series with the low-voltage end line to detect the input voltage Ui of the device (ie, the voltage before the line is raised) and the output voltage Uo. When the input voltage Ui is too low, the voltage compensation module inputs the corresponding lifting voltage according to the value of the actual input voltage, so that the output voltage Uo satisfies the normal operation of the load, thereby giving the qualified voltage of the power terminal and solving the low voltage problem.

Product installation

After determining the installation point of the YDK-AVR device, the construction methods available to the on-site electric power construction team are: F-bar, H-bar or pole-holding, or floor-standing installation.

Engineering case

Take a low-voltage retrofit project in Fujian as an example. The project is located in a rural area and has a low voltage due to the long supply radius. When the transformer is unloaded, the terminal voltage exceeds 250V; at the peak of power consumption, the terminal voltage is as low as 150V. By installing the YDK-AVR1-10 low-voltage line regulator (capacity 10KVA, followed by 15 users), you can raise the voltage of the end user to more than 200V, and improve the pass rate of the terminal voltage.

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