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YD-9CK series

YD-9CK series intelligent capacitor controller

YD-9CK series intelligent capacitor controller (referred to as controller) is a new generation of low voltage reactive power compensation controller designed and developed by special power parameter acquisition chip and MCU processor according to relevant national technical standards, regulations and user's actual requirements. The product is beautiful in appearance and easy to install and use. Man-machine dialogue is achieved through the digital game and the buttons. Connected to the intelligent integrated power capacitor via 485 communication. Control physical quantities include: voltage, current, and power factors. AC sampling technology is especially suitable for occasions with large power factor variations. The number of actions is small and the control accuracy is high.


1. Use voltage, current, power, power factor and other data through AC.
2. Dynamic display of each parameter value of the power distribution, the parameter setting is simple and fast, and the set parameter is powered off and lost.
3. Automatically detect the quantity and capacity of the smart capacitor, and control the smart capacitor switching according to the grid reactive parameter.
4. With overvoltage, undervoltage, voltage alarm, undercurrent, overtemperature, voltage harmonics, current harmonic protection, when the grid parameters exceed the set limits, the controller quickly cuts off the capacitors that have been put in, and blocks the output. The protective capacitor operates safely and extends its service life.
5. Using voltage, current, power factor, reactive power and other comprehensive calculations, the voltage hysteresis participates in the control judgment, making the compensation more precise and preventing the switching shock.
6. The above-mentioned criterion value is multi-point sampled during the action delay time, and the reactive power trend current judgment is performed according to the value of each point, thereby avoiding the judgment error caused by the single point sampling of the operation point of the conventional controller, and the power factor becomes large. In this case, the reactive power and compensation direction (cast or cut) of the required compensation can be accurately determined.
7. With manual / automatic switching function. When set to automatic, the capacitor is switched or cut according to the voltage, load, power factor and reactive power shortage factor. When the manual is set, the capacitor can be manually operated or cut off, which is convenient for factory debugging and fast switching capacitor. Analog switching can be achieved in both manual and automatic states.
8. Principle of switching: The cycle switching method extends the life of the capacitor.

Use environment

Relative humidity: 20%~90%
Ambient temperature: -25~70°C
Altitude: ≤2000m
No flammable medium exists, no conductive dust, Egyptian corrosive gas exists

Technical Parameters

Voltage: ≤±0.5% (in the range of 80%~120% rated voltage)
Current: ≤±1.0% (in the range of 80%~120% rated voltage)
Power factor: ≤±1.5%
Reactive power: ≤±2%

Output mode: RS485 communication type control output, control the company's smart capacitors.

Power supply condition

Working voltage: AC380V ±20%
Rated frequency: 50Hz ± 5%
Power consumption: <5W
Number of networking units: 9CKZ: A total of ≤ 30 smart capacitors.
9CKH: The total number of units is ≤30 units, and the number of intelligent capacitors is ≤10 units, and the total number of smart capacitors is ≤20 units.

Working principle

Product size and wiring diagram

Mechanical installation: Open a square hole of 113x113mm on the cabinet door of the capacitor cabinet, push the product into the square hole from the front, insert the two buckles (as shown below) into the installation slot on the left side of the product, and push it toward the side of the product panel. can.

Electrical wiring: electrical wiring according to the electrical wiring schematic diagram of the controller shell and the output terminal to define the exact wiring

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