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Technical Parameters

(1) Measurement accuracy:

Voltage: ≤ ± 0.5% (in the range of 80% ~ 120% of the rated voltage);

Current: ≤±1.0% (within 50%~100% of rated voltage range);

Power factor: ≤±1.5%; reactive power: ≤±2%

(2) Output mode: RS485 communication type control output, control the company's composite switch.

(3) Rated voltage: AC380V±20%

Rated frequency: 50Hz ± 5% Power consumption: <5W

(4) Number of networking units: Total supplementary switch ≤ 30 units;

Mixed composite switch: the total number of units is ≤ 30 units, and the supplementary composite switch is ≤ 10 units;

A total of ≤ 20 sets of composite switches.

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